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We love dreaming.

The only thing we love more is when our dreams come true. As a foundation, we fund our operations largely from external sources. So, with our supportive partners, we dream and work together.

In addition to financial support, we cooperate with our partners on a professional level, too. We provide the opportunity for our cooperating partners’ staff to participate in our programs and contribute professionally to program development. This is how they experience the feeling of educating young people personally.


We organize our workshops in our supporters' offices, so girls and their families can directly get to know the work of our partners and, with the wider audience, will gain insight, as a result, of our communication activities.

It is important to always act as an independent organization; our sponsors come from successful companies.

Our operations are transparent, and our finances are public.

Thank you for believing in our mission!

A girl I taught how to create flappy birds in processing four years ago, and now she is studying at ELTE.

Such things make me feel good. ”

Ferenc, Skool volunteer

Our Mission

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