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We are looking for volunteers! 💪 

At Skool, we are building a community that supports the career and success of girls and young women in the world of technology while helping to create a gender balance in the sector.

If you consider these important, technology is everything, and you would love to share it with others, join us! You need nothing more than a great deal of enthusiasm, in return you will have countless adventures!

By volunteering in the sessions, you will be at the forefront of helping and supporting computer education, while inspiring children and encouraging them to apply to engineering later and embark on a career in this field.

You can watch a video of a previous Skool offline session here.


Our curriculum follows project-based learning. It focus is on his creative problem-solving attitude, design thinking. We strive to make the learning process look for and respond to real challenges. Our goal is to awaken children’s curiosity and interest in technology and reveal to them the range of career opportunities inherent in this sector.

During the trainings we focus on interesting topics such as Scratch, Thunkable or Processing programming, robotics, computer graphics and animation, website development.


As a volunteer, we count on you to:
  • Helping and supporting sessions with a proactive attitude

  • Sharing knowledge and experience

  • Maintain an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere during the session so that girls can enjoy learning in a good mood and experience as much as possible


 What is essential for volunteering:
  • You consider the mission of the foundation important, as you believe in the mission with us

  • You have technological experience (you understand basic coding)

  • You like to deal with children

  • You handle time well and communicate well

  • You have a great deal of enthusiasm, and of course a sense of humor


It's an advantage:
  • Proficiency in any programming language

  • Any previous teaching experience, especially in IT projects

Why is it good to volunteer at Skool?


By volunteering in our programs, you are at the forefront of helping and supporting Austrian IT education while inspiring and encouraging children to choose engineering or software developer studies and start a career in these fields.


What do you get back by volunteering?


An endless amount of smile and enthusiasm, and -with your expertise- you will positively impact that may change the future of the participants.

Besides, our volunteers learn a methodology of experience-based pedagogy, by which they can reach thousands of children.


“There is a girl I taught how to create flappy bird in processing 4 years ago, and now she is studying at university. Such things make me feel good. ”Ferenc, Skool volunteer


“I love the selfless energy and the enormous love that mentors have for children and their education. Being with you is motivating in so many aspects :) ”

Anna, Skool volunteer


“I have always felt that sharing knowledge and motivating others should be my profession, but it has never happened in this form. With the very sympathetic mission and elaborated methodology of your projects, Skool and KódKlub (and their accompanying programs), we/I have achieved much more than I had ever dreamed of! :) I believe that we are doing good, and in this form, I have become complete with you in a way I had never thought before! I like to spend time with you and work with you because I can meet great people who think about our world in the same way as I do, and we are trying to do something together that can add more to everyday life. Everyone is very kind, we help each other, and we work together to reach success :) ”

Gábor, Skool volunteer

Teengers with Laptop

Let's Make A Change with us

We love dreaming.


The only thing we love more is when our dreams come true.


As a foundation, we fund our operations mainly from external sources.

So, with our supportive partners, we dream and work together.


In addition to financial support, we cooperate with our partners on a professional level, too. We provide the opportunity for our cooperating partners' staff to participate in our programs and contribute professionally to program development. This is how they experience the feeling of educating young people personally. We organize our workshops in our supporters' offices, so girls and their families can directly get to know the work of our partners and, with the broader audience, gain insight as a result of our communication activities.


Thank you for believing in our mission!

Here are some ways you can donate:


In person

As corporate partner

Make a tax-deductible donation‏.

For more details, please contact us at

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