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The Team

It aII all started in 2014.​

Skool has become a synonym for innovative and inspirational technology training for young girls over the past eight years. From those enormous experiences, we would like to create something cool in Austria.

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Anita Angi

Co-founder of Skool Austria

Coming from a socially sensitive family,

as a mother of two young girls, it is of the utmost importance that I support causes that are forward-looking and developmental. Having successfully set up businesses in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, I am looking forward to serving a diverse and rewarding future with the Skool project.


Fabian Bliem

Ambassador of Skool Austria 

A vocal advocate for diversity and education for girls in the tech sector. As an IT professional, she also sees the practical relevance of this in everyday life. 


Péter Guzsaly

Co-founder of Skool Austria

To be able to use my 15 years of deep sales and marketing knowledge every day to make the world a better place is a gift. And also to be given a chance to support educating and inspiring the next generation to use computers and coding as a tool to reach their dreams. It might sound pathetic, but it's true: those are the reasons why I love my job.


Yelyzaveta Kochekova

Ambassador of Skool Austria

As an international communications professional, she is passionate about supporting disadvantaged groups. 


Szilvi Koleszár

Co-founder of Skool

Finding new solutions to a specific problem and successfully implementing it in practice.

This is what drives me forward and this is what makes Skool a successful non-profit organization where dreams come true since 2014.

“I love the selfless energy and the enormous love that mentors have for children and their education.

Being with you is motivating in so many aspects :).”

Anna, Skool volunteer

Our Mission

We are looking for...

  • Enthusiastic coding teachers

  • Fun volunteers

  • Role models

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