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Why is it important to encourage girls?

8% is the ratio of women working in IT.

As a result female point of view is less prevalent in tech developments

Source: Stackoverflow research 2017.

15% the ratio of female students enrolled in IT education


Unfilled IT positions currently in Hungary. Engaging women in the sector would increase the competitiveness of the country

Source: ITM, Solymár Károly Balázs, 2020.

“I loved the whole program and

I didn’t want my parents to come for me.

That’s how good it was.”

Our Mission

The Skool program is

  • Design learning and algorithmic thinking focused.

  • Success-, story- and experience-based workshop

  • Developing problem-solving and thinking skills

  • Building real-life relationships between participants

  • And so much fun!


Why is it right to work with Skool?

  • Collaboration with our pioneering story that is unique in Austria

  • Through us, you can reach hundreds of children.

  • Strengthen your employer brand and CSR

  • Show your employees that your company is giving back.

  • Offer professional development opportunities for skilled volunteers.

  • Contribute and support creating free of charge training and curriculum for teachers

We Need Your Support Today!

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